10 Tips To Get Your Website Sending You Clients

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10 Tips To Get Your Website Sending You Clients

I have a website and now the clients will come flooding in? Right?


Not quite that easy is it?

Too often I see clients be wow’ed by flashy, modern websites, they are dazzled by the moving features and drop down menus – yet they forget one fundamental thing, is it actually bringing you clients?

If it isn’t you have to start asking the hard questions. Something must be going wrong!

Here is our quick checklist to create an effective website that brings you more clients.

  • Create a compelling and clear value proposition

So they’ve come to your website and now they want to know – what am I here for? TELL THEM. “I am here to help ease your pain” “I am here to help boost your energy” “I am here for you.” Whatever your value proposition is, make sure it’s there in staring them in the face. (And we don’t mean use big bold letters.)

Clients arrive at your website then leave with perhaps a little extra knowledge of who you are. Our advice is, don’t just let them leave, collect their details in some shape or form and start thinking about how you can service them in the future.

  • Cut the jargon and keep it simple

Do you know how many people actually understand know what ‘musculoskeletal’ means? Exactly, just because you went to university to learn these terms doesn’t mean Mr Joe Bloggs does. Leave the jargon, and acronyms whist were at it, out!

  • Address misconceptions or fear

If clients are coming to your website, they obviously have an issue. An issue that they need sorting and it will be scary for them, do you best to make those fears go away. Maybe it’s removing pain? Maybe it’s describing the process for a new patient? Put yourself in their shoes and make it a gentle experience.

  • Increase trust in your services

Trust could be as little as having a professional looking website, or it could be describing your experiences and years in training. Think about the clients perception of you when they visit your website – would you trust you?

  • Make it easy to book your service

You want people to contact you for a booking? Yes, well – make it easy! Phone numbers are so important, get it on your front page and make it one of most obvious things on the page – think bull in china shop!

  • Communicate your value to the client

Remember you are still a business, sell yourself, it can be one of the hardest things to do but you are the most sellable asset. Your skills, your background, your services, why you are the best at what you do and most importantly WHY potential clients need you. Sell sell sell.

  • Offer proof of how great you are!

Testimonials, awards, accomplishments – get your personal trophies out of the pool room and out in full view. If people think you are fantastic, no doubt potential clients will think the same and be looking to give you a call.

  • Remove distraction and bad design

Understand the basics of good websites and fix up your look. If you have any information that isn’t relevant to the who, what, where, why, how and how much? Get it off now.

  • Double check everything!

Is your phone number correct? Do the links work? Is your contact form functional? Do all your pages work? Are there any spelling mistake? Sounds simple but 80% of people we work with have at least 5 issues with their website. If it doesn’t work – then how will clients trust you?


If you need a hand with fine tuning your website – drop us an email now for a consultation.

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