6 Apps to make any health professional’s life easier

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6 Apps to make any health professional’s life easier

Iphone? Samsung? HTC? Huawei? Doesn’t really what phone you have  – you should all have access to various apps. Over the past two years there has been a huge glut of apps that have entered the marketplace to help small business owners – and some of them ROCK!

We wanted to give you a little insight to the apps we find make our business (and personal) lives that little bit easier. All of them sync to both your phone and computer meaning you never have to be without them!

6 Apps to make any health professional’s life easier



Slack is a funky little tool that basically allows you to have team conversations that can organised by subject, time, date etc. Essentially Slack can help you have a conversation with your team, or even clients and share files, pictures and videos which are searchable and downloadable.

You can have a conversation with one person, or with many – it works as an instant messenger as well!

It can also be linked to a number of other project management systems.



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Asana is your ultimate online project management system with a heap of great features. (We use this ALL the time.)

It allows you to invite team members, set up projects, assign deadlines, have conversations, tag people, share files etc.

In a health practice environment you could potentially share patient notes, seek advice from others, assign responsibilities, add images…all you need to one area without adding to your already full email inbox.



Ok so Pinterest is not just about trawling through pretty pictures of food, weddings and DIY furniture. If you ever need a little inspiration for your website, patient newsletters or social media pages just head over to the app and search for anything you need inspiration on.

Pinterest is a never ending source of photos, tips, news and great content to add to your own business.



Think of Evernote as your online notepad. For example, you are looking for some inspiration quotes/images for your business Facebook page – you start a section called “Quotes” on Evernote and every time you stumble across an image on Pinterest, websites, emails etc – you can link this to Evernote under “Quotes”. It’s almost like Pinterest for LOTS of things not just images.

Evernote also works as a traditional note page and allows you to jot down ideas that can be synced with your computer and can be shared with others. It can be used for work, play or simply jotting down that shopping list!



If you have never heard of Dropbox where have you been? It’s exactly what it says – a big box that you can drop stuff in. If you have files that need to be accessed by many people you can add that to the box and share the link. If you have an files that are too big (e.g. any files from your designers) that can’t be sent by traditional email, you can add that to the box and share.

The beauty of it is, whoever you are sending it to does not need to have Dropbox to access. It’s free “space” in the sky where you can store and share stuff.



Typorama is the bees knees. It’s not really very clever and doesn’t really do anything important but we love it.

It gives you a range of backgrounds and fonts and helps you put together funky looking social media tiles for Facebook and Instagram. It only costs a couple of dollars to buy but can give you so much in return.

Have a favourite quote? Whack it in Typorama and make it a stunner!



So there you go! A small list of our most favourite apps that could help give you a few more free minutes in the day!

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