Why crap images can cause you damage!

Why crap images can cause you damage!

At Allied Health Marketing we have recently been finishing up a couple of website projects for some great health professionals. During the process we explained the importance of eye catching images and how that can affect your brand.

It’s not hard to understand, good photos = more attention from potential clients.

What does surprise us though is the amount of crap images out there that keep making an appearance on the website and social media pages of allied health professionals! Please STOP!

Searing through google images is a good thing, gives you a range of options but please chose the right ones!

Let’s look at a couple of examples shall we?

The BAD images

So I googled the word ‘health’ and this is what came up:

Allied Health Marketing Crap Marketing Images


No! No, no, no, no! What part of an apple with some photoshopped drops and a badly added piece of word art mean to you? We all know an apple is healthy, so why do you need to put a word on it! This is one of those bad stock standards images that so many people use.

Do you know what this says? I can’t be bothered looking for great images.

Another example of the badness that is out there. Still using ‘health’ as a search topic.

Allied Health Marketing Bad Marketing Images

Seriously? How is this real life? Some beautiful, young girl sitting by a serene lake in the basking sunshine. Ok, yep, that really does happen in real doesn’t it? She even took her own mat (no doubt, woven by Himalayan monks out of organic river reeds). This is NOT real life – how do you expect clients to relate to this?

The GOOD images

So we are still using the word ‘health’ as a search function and were able to download the following two examples. What do you think? Are these two better than the previous ones?

We had to do something quite unique to find these, we had to keep scrolling! There are really some great, free shots out there like these two which are much more appealing.


HWAWEB_FEA_Our work_Prog_Mental health WR



Allied Health Marketing Strange images Allied Health Marketing Strange ImagesAllied Health Marketing

Less said about these the better right?

Well, what’s the worst/best images you’ve seen crop up?

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