Do health professionals have healthy minds? Looking after your mental health

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Do health professionals have healthy minds? Looking after your mental health

As we are now in the midst of Mental Health Month, I thought it would be important to share a few of the ways I keep sane whilst running a small business.

As most of you will know, starting or maintaining a small business is so taxing on your mental health. There is just so much to worry about. Clients, bills, rates, rent, legislation, taxes, wages, HR, referrals, equipment, paperwork – it all adds up doesn’t it?

I remember when I started my own business there were so many times when I wanted to just throw it all away and go back to just working in a safe, stable environment. Someone else being responsible for paying your wage is a lot easier, am I right?

I never gave up, I knew (and I know) that I can make a real difference to the work of health professionals. It was an area that I was so passionate about that I was determined to not give up. Of course, there were times when I questioned my own mental health – basically was I mad to follow a pipe dream?

Many people I speak to tell me how hard it is to be out there struggling on their own, unsure of what business decision to take next and unsure where their future cash flow will be coming from.

It’s hard. It really is. But remember -it will all be worthwhile in the end, you put in the hard yards now and you will reap the rewards. As long as you keep your passion and desire to succeed alive, and focus on your own mental health, there will be great things for you.

What do I do to look after my mental health whilst trying to run a business?

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Easy, number one rule for me, exercise. Keep the body active and healthy and the mind will follow…right? Do all of you healthy people out there actually do as much exercise as you would like? I try to fit it in early in the morning, despite shouting at my alarm. Studies show that a huge percentage of the world’s wealthiest people always make sure they exercise (and these guys are running massive businesses). Check out these great infographic of the habits of millionaires.

Learn learn learn

There is no excuse to not know the basics of running a business. Yes, you do have to weave your way through the minefield of information out there on the internet, but there are so many business leaders sharing their own methods and experience, you would be silly NOT to learn from them. If you need something more practical, try Lynda which has thousands of free courses on all sorts of bits and bobs. Basically, the more you learn, the more you know and the more you can put this into your business to make it a success.

Share your story

Sharing your story serves two purposes, it’s a great way to network with like minded people and it’s also a great way to increase your brand. Join networking groups, join membership sites, join a community group – share you story and help others learn from your mistakes and successes.

Seek help

When I mean seek help, I mean find people who are good at what you aren’t. If you know nothing about websites, offload to a marketing guru. If you are terrible at admin, offload to a virtual assistant. If you are unsure of business fundamentals, seek a mentor. Just because you are asking for help doesn’t mean you have failed, it means you just have more time to do what you are good at.


If something is going right, TELL EVERYONE! Have you had a patient change their life, get out there and tell the world – great for your mental health and theirs! Apply for awards on a personal or business level. Send a media release to the local paper. Host a party at your practice. Share the joy and share the love people!


We all know that mental health is a serious issue, and one we don’t talk about enough. If I can help you in anyway, feel free to drop me a line, I am always happy to just have a chat and bounce ideas around – we are all in this together.

Look after yourselves,


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