Five ways to make your health business Facebook page convert

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Five ways to make your health business Facebook page convert

We all have a Facebook page for our business right? (If you don’t – WHO ARE  YOU?)

Now, let’s ask the questions, why do you have a Facebook business page? Most will answer – to promote my business.

Correct answer. Yet, how much love are you giving your page? How much attention are you providing to create a Facebook page a true business tool and not just a ‘must have’?

Let’s go through our five quick tips to make sure your Facebook page is on point.

Five ways to make your health business Facebook page convert


Make sure you cover photo and profile photo are perfect

Numero Uno. Let’s look at your cover photo and profile picture. Do you have a random, blurry photo of staff or clients? A dark photo of your practice? A strange inspirational quote? I will ask you why?

The cover photo and profile image are two of the very first connections a potential client have with you. Don’t start off on the wrong foot.

Your profile picture should be crisp and to the point. Yes, your logo is perfect for this. Don’t try and cram too much into this small area. Get your business name out there and leave out the clutter.

Ok, now your cover photo. Some elements to think about are:

  • Does your cover photo suit the business? Or does it reflect your brand?
  • Does it have your contact details on it?
  • Is it the right proportions or is it distorted?
  • Is any part of the cover photo concealed by the placement of the profile photo?

These may sound like simple tips, but lots of people get this wrong. Let’s get that fixed up ASAP. With great programs such as Canva out there (who have ready made templates and easy to use software) you should not have a bad cover photo.

Ensure all your details are up to date

Next let’s look at your contact details and about section.

Do you know how many people don’t update their own ‘About us’ section? MANY!

Get it filled out and complete, don’t let users have to “ask” for your location or website. Get all there right information there which will make the lives of potential clients easier.

Decide on your ‘tone’

Too often we see Facebook pages that have no personality, they are used as faceless pages that merely shout SELL SELL SELL.

Remember, you work in the health and service industry so you need to build your reputation. Use the right words, tone and style that will suit your audience.

Work from a content plan

Most of us don’t have time to plan exactly what we will post each day, but try and make some sort of effort of planning.

By planning in advance it will really help you during the times when you just can’t find anything worth posting. A plan will also keep you on track!

Give yourself an overall plan of high level themes, products, topics etc that you want to focus on over a specific period of time and then work backwards into the nitty gritty. (Download our content guide to help you out with this.)

Use content creates a positive feeling

So you’ve got all the details completed, have great images, settled on a tone and plan, not it’s time to think about the icing on the cake.

What posts can you add that will actually connect with you audience.

As a brief summary, look at this overview from Hubspot.


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What photos, words, stories etc can you share that will make your followers lives just that little bit more interesting?

Be open, be honest and share part of yourself and your business. Clients want to connect with you and how best to do that then by showing who you are and bringing a smile to their faces.


So there you have it, five quick and simple ways you can do RIGHT NOW to make sure your Facebook page is working in your favour.

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