Image size – Why big is not always better

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Image size – Why big is not always better

So I went onto a potential clients website the other day, casually wanting to have a quick look on my phone. I typed in the address and hit enter…and then I waited….and waited…and waited….until I gave up and put my phone away.

I could be a potential patient wanting to check out this website to see how they can help me – instead I got a website the wouldn’t load.

One of the key issues with this long “load” time can be the images or photos used. If the images are just too big, there is a lot of data trying to be downloaded by phones or computers and can cause time issues.

Do you ever check the size of the images you load onto your own website? No? A few things to consider below.

Things to consider when it comes to image size and set up



When I talk about size I don’t mean how large it looks on your screen, I am talking about the physical size of memory the image takes up. If you want to print anything professionally you need the biggest seize possible, but when it comes to website, it needs to be small.

If you have an image sitting on your desk top, right click on it and hit ‘properties’. This will give you its size in kb or mb. If it has an mb next to it – STOP. This is TOO BIG to put on your website. The more mb (megabytes) there are the longer it takes to load.

Most photos that come off you camera will be what we call high resolution (i.e. in the mbs) – these will need to be resized when added to your website.

If you have any type of photo editing software on your computer, you can use this to edit the size – usually if you hit “save for website”. If you don’t then you can use online image resizing software such as PicResize. Remember, big is not always better!

Alt Tags

Whilst we are at it – please add content to your ‘alt tag’. When you upload an image to your website it will ask you for an ‘alt tag’ – this means when you hover over the image it will give it a name. Now this might not mean anything to you and me – but for Google it means a lot. Alt tags add to your SEO optimisation so make sure you take the time and effort to fill this in please!


Another quite note, if the image is blurry, not in focus, dark, too light etc – DON’T USE IT! It’s better to have no image than a rubbish one that makes you, your website and your brand look cheap. Looks are everything!


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