Keeping in touch with patients

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Keeping in touch with patients

So – you have a great few sessions with a client, you fix their issue (or at least help greatly), you say your good byes – then what? Do you still keep in touch with them?

The power of communication to clients past, present and future is huge Рjust because you have sent them on their way, does NOT mean you should say goodbye.  That is where a regular enewsletter comes in Рkeep those communication channels.

There are a number of programs out there that can help automate enewsletters and get them sent out to your database – MailChimp, Vision 6 to name a couple. This all points to one thing – there is no excuse to not keep in touch!

Enewsletters should include relevant information to your clients and increase your position as a knowledge leader, provide valuable hints and tips, offer special rates or one off classes to maintain health and even something funny!

We all know that word of mouth is a powerful tool and looking after your current and past patients is just as valuable as seeking new ones – so get moving now, and get talking.

What structure should your enewsletter to patients take?

  • Greetings – Add a personal touch – what has the practice been up to?
  • Case Studies – Have you had a great success story – let them know.
  • Images – Don’t forget to add images, not too many so the email is too huge, but enough to keep interest.
  • Special Offers – People love discounts!
  • Ask a question – Try and interact with your audience, ask a survey, ask for an opinion – just get the chatter happening.
  • Keep going – lock it in your dairy¬†and consistently communicate.



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