How To Post Multiple Pics In One Post On Instagram

How To Post Multiple Pics In One Post On Instagram

If you’re still trying to wrap your brain around the majesty of Instagram Stories, then maybe you’d better sit down for the company’s latest addition, a gallery-like feature on Instagram. With the latest update, learning how to make an Instagram gallery is not only insanely easy, but looks kind of addictive?

With the new addition, users can select up to ten images or videos on a post, so that when their followers scroll down on their feeds and see a series of grey dots at the bottom of the gallery’s first image they’ll be able to scroll left and right to see the full extent of them. Users will be able to decide how many photos or videos will go into the gallery, what filters to put on all of or each individual image, and what order they will be presented in.

So grab your phones and start snapping some memories, everyone — here’s how to create Instagram posts with multiple pictures and videos.


Select The Images & Videos You Want To Use

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Once you have the gallery update (if you don’t, go to the App Store and update manually from there), you should be able to select a picture to upload the way you normally do — except now, for the first time, you’ll be able to pick multiple images. Any time you select more than one image, it automatically turns the post into a gallery of up to ten images.

Create The Order & Set Filters

Post The Gallery

Your followers will be able to see that it’s a gallery from the play button, and will be able to see how far they are into the gallery based on the blue and grey dots at the bottom of the screen.

All done! You are an Instagram gallery star in the making.



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