Rise: A Game Changer for All Dietitians and Nutritionists. Is this the future?

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Rise: A Game Changer for All Dietitians and Nutritionists. Is this the future?

As some of you may or may not know, I am an internet junkie. Always hunting and searching for the latest gadgets, apps, software and marketing techniques – usually with a coffee in front of me.

I stumbled across this new app called RISE from the U.S through the New York Times blog. It instantly made me both excited and also a little depressed.

So basically the app allows users to sign up for a monthly fee, take photos of their food which is then analysed by dietitians (real life dietitians and not robots) and then the users receive feedback on what they are eating. Essentially it’s like having a dietitian in your pocket who can be consulted with at any time.

Advice is provided on what the users eat – ingredients, portion size, colour, ratios and also time of day.

The website states:  “It’s Affordable. Our coaches typically charge $100-300/hour in their private practice. On rise, you get their daily attention for less than a daily Starbucks run.

So this excited me because here is a great piece of technology that can help ANYONE, ANYWHERE to have access to a health professional. It removes all the barriers of geography, time and money and gives everybody the opportunity to empower themselves with the right information.

It also saddened me, is this the way the world is becoming? We will see the end of human interaction? Can we just use our phone for everything we do? Will this affect the future jobs of Australian dietitians and nutritionists?

I guess there is an upside to every downside right?

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So, is this app a danger or an opportunity for health professionals?


That’s the question, will it shift the landscape for all those who deal with food and health or will it even take off in Australia (it’s an American app don’t forget)?

I thought long and hard about this and I came up with two things.

First, it shows that we have to move with the times.

Society is literally changing everyday and dragging traditional marketing methods out the window kicking and screaming. It’s no longer about having a great website and sitting back and waiting for the clients to roll in.

We always say, it’s about building a brand BUT that brand has to suit the target market. This app shows that there is constant diversity in the personal health industry. The question is, are you doing everything in your power think of creative and new ways to stand out from the crowd?

The second thing I thought off is, there is no need to worry.

We still live in a world where some people need human interaction – they need to talk it out. I truly believe there will always be a market for one on one consultations and as human we need to talk. So sit back down people – I think we are safe for now.

Ultimately, innovation will continue to happen. It’s up to you to work out how you can diversify your own business and constantly strive for new opportunities.

The world is moving at a busy pace, make sure you keep up!


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