The power of a good case study

Case Study

The power of a good case study

A happy client is worth their weight in gold!

I was asked the other day when putting together a website plan with a very enthusiastic and passionate nutritionist – “should I share a couple of good client stories?”


It took me a total of 3.2 seconds to say – YES.
A success story is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the industry. It’s what separates you from the competition, it’s what makes you an expert, it’s what makes you, you. Let’s face it, if you work in allied health not many people are in it for the money – you are there to make a difference to everyday Australian’s lives.
When it comes to a success story, sing it loud and sing it proud.
Case studies should be engaging and easy to read – so take off the analysis hat and put on your marketing hat.
A few tips for a great case study:
  1. Be truthful – Don’t make up stories – use real people, real stories. Don’t be afraid to ask clients for a few words that they can add to add weight to the story.
  2. Be sensitive – Avoid the tacky catch phrases, not only are you highlighting a real person’s story you are also advertising how you dealt with your client’s issues.
  3. Photos – By including a snap of you and your client it will reinforce the strength of your words and make it all seem ‘real’.
  4. Call to action – Don’t forget to include a call to action! A potential client is reading this story, tell them to get in touch with you for help and include your details.
  5. Current – Keep it current! Two case stories that sit on a forgotten page of your website makes you seem dated. Try and add a new story every couple of months and get it on the landing page so everyone can see.
So there you have it. Harness the power of the great story and share it with everyone!
Got a case study but not sure if you should share it? Feel free to drop me a line and I’ll be happy to give you my opinion.
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