Website 101 with Chris McCarroll

Website 101 with Chris McCarroll

Recently Chris was invited to speak at the Allied Health Virtual Conference (AHVC), Developing your Private Practice.

The AHVC is a virtual conference series providing Allied Health professionals, from all professional backgrounds with a variety of new skills and knowledge. In an ever changing political and social environment, health practitioners move around and embark upon new challenges – whether clinical or non-clinical.  The AHVC is changing the way you consume and attend professional events and will be HUGE in 2018!














For the first inaugural conference, Chris spoke about Health Website 101. Here is an overview:

5 Steps to Launching Your Website

  1. Anaytics
  2. SEO
  3. Email
  4. Blog
  5. Social

Also touching on points such as marketing material and building signage.

You can purchase and download a copy of the conference here


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