What Allied Health Marketing is LOVING this February

It’s that time again, when we take a little time out to give a little cheer to those who are taking their marketing to the next level!

To date we have featured physios, dietitians, exercise physiologists…and in this blog post we are taking a look at a multidisciplinary clinics.

Having the ability to promote multiple services but still keep focus on individual disciplines can be a tricky task – how do you promote everything you do, whilst also keeping a focus on what the client needs? For us, it’s being able to combine a mix of expert knowledge and making sure you don’t lose your personal connection with the client.

Sometimes we do see clinics that have grown so much that they almost become faceless entities that scare off potential clients. Remember people like to ‘know’ who is treating them.

Lifecare Frankston


The team at Lifecare Frankston are doing a great job all round.

They are consistent on social media and pull together interesting information, as well as adding a personal element through photos of staff. There is humour, there is fun facts and there is a little bit of community spirit.

Their website is clean, effective and covers all the services they offer…which is a lot! Each individual services has a drop down menu which contains even more information, some may think this could be an overload but in fact in works in their favour.

By covering aspects such as “women’s health”, “sports rehabilitation” and “occupational rehabilitation” – they are taking website users by the hand and showing them exactly what they do. This is much more effective than trying to cram everything under the banner of “physiotherapy”.

Want to know one simple thing that they have nailed?

Three clear buttons on the top of the page – CALL US – BOOK ONLINE – FIND US – sounds simple right? So many practitioners don’t do this at all!



Rebound Health


Just like Lifecare Frankston, Rebound Health are doing all the basics perfectly. Social media = planned and branded AND consistent. Website = clear, effective and easy to use.

However, we wanted to highlight the Rebound Health blog.

Blogging is one of those elements that so many health business owners neglect – to their detriment.

A blog can help in so many ways.

Firstly, it positions you as a leader. If you are constantly producing expert information that is needed by the general public, you are providing a service to them and are more likely to gain their trust over time.

Secondly, it seriously boosts your SEO. Through the blog you can cover a range of topics that are popular and will therefore boost your rankings in the Google search ratings.

The Rebound Health blog covers both these points. They look at a range of topics and provide their expert insight into how they can help readers – from pregnancy to sugar to sports – the blog has a little bit of everything!


Rebound Health


To conclude

Multidisciplinary clinics do face a tough task, in your marketing you have to balance what you promote. Do you focus on physio, or is it nutrition? Should you be looking at key health issues instead?

This is where say analyse your target marketing before setting out your content strategy. (Download out “Identifying Your Target Market” workbook here)

Never go in with  an idea of what services you have to promote and why and please remember, never lose your identity.

Show pictures of staff, show pictures of your clinic…show people just WHO you are and WHY they should trust you and connect with you.



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