What Allied Health Marketing is loving this November

What Allied Health Marketing is loving this November

As something a little different, and because I just like sharing funky things, I thought I would highlight all the great marketing I have seen this month. Just like me, you should make a note every time you see something you like, then try and add this to your own business.

What Allied Health Marketing Loved this November


Jamie Oliver’s Super Food

Some of you may have noticed Jamie Oliver has stepped away from his school crusading to take on a hot topic of the moment – whole/super foods. His new TV show, Jamie’s Super Food shows a real shift from his traditional style of cooking to a more health focus.

What I love about this is how he has marketing this new phase – a clean, engaging website, a user friendly app and fantastic photography all help the cause. If you check out his website, you will see what I mean: wood, tiles, teal green, rustic forks and spoons, floral plate etx. EVERYTHING is set up to give the end user the feeling of health and well-being.

Jamie is the master of re-invention – he rolls with the times and the styles and is constantly making subtle changes to his brand to connect with his audience.


Jamie1 jamie2


Sarah Leung’s  (Healthy Energy Founder) Instagram Profile

We have been working with the fabulous Sarah Leung from Healthy Energy for a number of weeks now, and her passion and drive to propel her health business is infectious!

What we love most about Sarah and her business is the way she is constantly thinking of new channels to drive her client engagement. Healthy Energy is a multi-faceted health business so can’t rest on its laurels and simply have an effective website. They undertake a number of workshops, classes, community events as well as the more traditional services.

What Sarah also does effectively is built her own brand aside from her business. Sarah’s Instagram account is a true reflection on her personality – bright, vibrant, engaging and knowledgeable. With some fantastic photography, Sarah has already amassed 500 dedicated followers who love what she does as much as us!

Keep going Sarah! See you on Insta!

SarahL2SarahL3 SarahL1


Active Exercise Physiology’s Facebook Page

I love having a look at what health professionals are doing on their Facebook pages (although sometimes it does feel like I’m snooping!) and I stumbled across Active Exercise Physiology’s Facebook page and there was lots to like about it!

Owner Kim Bobbin obviously has a real passion for her business and her clients. You get a sense of real pride and commitment through Active EP’s Facebook page. There’s a great mix of informational updates, images of clients, recipes, event updates and some fun bits and pieces in between. It’s a really great mix of content and Kim seems to have a loving group of followers.

Kim’s business is based in a rural location but that doesn’t stop her making sure she is consistent with her posts and photos. I also love the fact that there are lots of great reviews and always an instant response to a question!

Great work Kim, keep it up!


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Seen anything that you love? Let us know!

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