Why Physios Suck at Marketing Themselves – What Can You Do To Improve?
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Why Physios Suck at Marketing Themselves – What Can You Do To Improve?

Each day we get to talk to some great physiotherapists. Each one is passionate about one thing, helping people. Anyone in a health profession feels the same right? Apart from people in emergency services it is one of the most altruistic professions out there. Let’s face it there is a lot of hard work with not a huge amount of money or recognition by being a physio.

Why physios suck at marketing

Luckily we are here to help promote the services and develop the marketing skills of physiotherapists – but I wanted to write this quick piece about why I think physios suck at marketing themselves.

Physios – why don’t you like talking about yourself?


Being Busy

Unlike most modern day professions, physios hardly spend anytime in front of a computer. It’s about hands on work, talking to clients and providing the service you are trained to. Marketing and self promotion is the last thing you will be thinking about. When it’s the end of the day and finally you have some time to yourself it’s either spent catching up on case notes and going through the endless admin you HAVE to do or it’s time spent actually having a life.

A life, I hear you say? Yes, remember that? It involves going out and enjoying yourself.


Around 80% of physiotherapists we speak to think that having a website with some contact details and prices is all they need.

“I have a website, it looks great, I’m good to go…right?”

A website is step one. A great step to have but just the beginning. Why not turn the tables and analyse yourself as a physio would?

What’s your problem? How do you fix it? What daily exercise should you be doing to help the problem? How often do you re-visit the problem to make sure it won’t come back?

That’s exactly how you should think about your promotional tactics.

As we stated, a website is just the beginning. This precedes the rest of the action you need to take – updating your website with great, meaningful content, keeping up to date with your social media channels, networking with the local community, developing your in house strategies to maintain client referrals, automated enewsletters, brochure development, creating partnerships with local businesses, hosting events, speaking to media…need I go on?

Physios just misunderstand or perhaps should I say misjudge just HOW much work has to go into marketing.

Just being too nice

As funny as it sounds, this is probably my number one reason as to WHY physios are terrible at marketing.

One client said to me, and I quote … “I’m just too shy, why would people want to hear about me?”

Being a physio means you have an ingrained need to help people, to solve problems, to ease pain and to just be plain nice to a huge range of people. I want to remind you that being open about yourself and telling potential clients WHY you are so nice (and good at what you do) is not a bad thing.

Let’s think of it this way – are you doing potential clients a disservice by not telling them about you and how you can help?

Would that make you feel better? If we flicked it round to make you feel bad by not telling people about yourself perhaps that will push you into some kind of action.

Remember, marketing and self promotion does not have to be over the top – ME ME ME – it’s about working out subtle ways that have maximum impact.

Don’t just open the windows and scream from the top of your lungs “I AM A PHYSIO PICK ME”- check out Mike below to understand what I mean:

Identify who your target markets are and tell them exactly what they want to hear, and in a tone and manner that makes them want to approach you. (Download our free workbook to help with this.)

If you are still worried about this, check out these great articles on self promotion for those who are more introverted:


How do physios ‘unsuck’ at marketing?

Change your way of thinking

You spend all day, everyday, telling clients to change their patterns. Perhaps it’s time to give yourself a little talking to?

Plan plan plan

Change the way you operate everyday – create a plan that you can stick to and then re-assess the plan to make sure that you are doing all you can to create your brand.

Arm yourself with information

There is so much information out there (both good and bad), arm yourself with all the knowledge you can to help grow your business.

At the end of the day we always say you only get out as much as you put it…live by it!

If you would like to have a chat about how to unsuck as a physio, drop me a line.