The importance of goal setting

The importance of goal setting

Setting goals are extremely important. Big or little, if you aren’t working towards goals, where are you going?

One of the first parts of any marketing plan or strategy is the Goals and Objectives section. The reason for this is that the goals you have set the stage for the rest of the marketing plan .

To set the stage and paint a broad picture of what your marketing activities will be focused on for the upcoming year, list out your goals and make sure you print or display them in a place where you will be constantly reminded of them. 

Goals might include (but are not limited to):

  • Penetrating or creating a Market
  • Acquiring new customers 
  • Expanding product distribution (on or offline)
  • Launching a New Product or Product Line

As you define your objectives, use real numbers to add gravity to how you plan to achieve the goal.

 “If your business goal is to grow revenue, what marketing objective will accomplish this? Adding more customers? More repeat customers? Higher expenditures?”

If the goal is “Grow Revenue by 25% each Quarter ” your objectives might be:

  • Add 40 new customers/month
  • Increase repeat purchases by 10%
  • Increase AOV by 15%

Don’t worry about getting into the “how” just yet, but rather focus on setting the stage for the rest of your marketing plan.

Take some time to work out what is it you actually want to achieve in the next 12 months and set a plan in motion on how you are going to get there and reach those goals!