5 Marketing Tips For Physios New To The Business

5 Marketing Tips For Physios New To The Business

We hear so many stories of the excitement physiotherapists feel when they open their new business. Fresh paint, fancy equipment and sparkly new uniforms. That’s all great but what about the marketing – what will drive people through the door?

Too often, newbies in private practice give marketing considerations, too often they believe that being being an amazing physio and having a passion to help will equal business success.

Yes, your physiotherapy knowledge and patient-centred approach to cases form the core of your activity. However, you are now in business and only owners who combine them with marketing acumen will survive the often cutthroat world of private health services. Ask yourself – why do some prosper while others struggle even though they are equally good at their services?

We’ve put together our best five marketing tips for physios to get you off the ground:


1. Get your house in order

Make sure you have everything set up to run business. Accounting, insurance, privacy policies, IT systems, receipt books, health insurance details – all that jazz that makes the practice work. Don’t even think about opening the door without having at least the basics set out. Whilst we are on that note – get your marketing in order as well.

Get you branding, website and marketing up and running. You don’t want to look  unprofessional before you’ve even begun. Don’t just get any website, make sure you website reflects you and what you do – make it physiotherapy- specific website.

2. Don’t rely on advertising, build meaningful relationships

As a new private practice, you are desperate for patients and referrals to prove your abilities and generate immediate cash flow. However, it makes no sense to spend large sums of money on advertising, because you are unlikely to target the right people in the first place. Stick to networking with GPs, fellow colleagues from hospitals, retirement homes etc. to encourage business growth. Learn how to best inform, engage and interact with people who are best placed to help you achieve your goals.

3. Word of mouth goes a long way

Now that your networking efforts are bringing patients through your doors, make sure that you keep them! Retaining patients is easier, less time-consuming and more profitable than having to constantly find new patients. So, after doing a fantastic job, don’t be shy about asking them to tell their friends who could benefit from your physiotherapy services. Otherwise, you are letting revenue out the door into the hands of your competitor down the road.

4. Never stop looking for opportunities to engage with the community

As a private entrepreneur, you must hone your marketing skills every day. Private practice owners cannot be satisfied with only providing first class care for patients. They must present a favourable brand image to the general public. What could YOU do in your local community to add value. Run a free exercise group? Hold a stall at the local market? Do a talk at local businesses? What can YOU do as a physio to market yourselves to your community.

5. Use the media to your advantage

Read up on how to work with your local media. Every day newspapers, radios and even websites are looking for stories or different angles to help fill their pages or airwaves. Don’t be afraid to try your hand at media releases and calling up the journalists, but remember, you have to have a story. Do you think you have a great client story? Do you think your area suffers from a particular injury the most? Are you doing anything significant? There is always a story out there.

So come on physios it’s time to market yourselves properly and not rely on your knowledge alone.