7 Questions Health Professionals Need To Answer about Their Facebook

Seven Key Questions All Health Professionals Need To Answer Before Touching Their Facebook Page

Let me guess, your practice has a Facebook page? Yes? Well then here’s my one piece of advice for you. STOP RIGHT NOW!

When I say stop, I don’t mean stop using Facebook, I mean stop – take a moment – answer these key questions – and then make sure you are on the right track.

Facebook is more than just sharing posts and inspirational quotes (although that can be a brilliant content). It’s about planning your posts, making sure you are providing the right information for your audience, and sticking with what works well. Work smarter not harder – ring any bells? To give you a hand on whether you are on the right track we have created seven key questions all Health Professionals need to answer before touching their Facebook page.

Ok so let’s start.

1. Who is your target audience?

Is it current clients – Are you wanting them to help promote your business via word of mouth? Is it seeking out potential new clients? Make a clear list of who you think you might be targeting.

2. What are you current goals?

Are you after more click throughs to your website or to a particular offer? Give yourself a key goal and also a deadline to achieve this. I want xxx number of people to visit the xxx offer page I have.

3. What are your biggest challenges?

Is it creating quality content? Is it putting together graphics that grab attention? Is it simply finding the time to look after your facebook page? Be honest and list what you think is holding you back from having a great Facebook profile.

4. Who are your competitors?

So you know there is another clinic across town…what do they do? Now we NEVER say copy them, we say GO ONE STEP BETTER. Do they post articles on weight loss? Why not do your own research on the local area and come up with some specific ways to help lose weight that will relate to your target market. E.g. Visit XXX Park and try running the stairs by the big tree, or head to XXX beach and use the dunes as a great way to get the heart rate up.

5. Who do you admire on social media?

So we’ve looked at the competitor, now go and search for leaders in your area and check out their Facebook pages? Do you know of a physiotherapist who does social media well – in Australia or overseas? What causes them to be successful – perhaps you like their branding, content or simply the way they talk to clients. Write a list of all the key features which you think makes them great.

6. What are you currently doing that works well?

Take some time to go through your Facebook page and have a look at what got the most likes or gained the most comments. What is an image? A news article? A promotion? Use that as a benchmark that you want to achieve. Remember it’s not bad to re-post great content…check out this great article/vlog on “Should You Repost Old Content To Facebook?”

7. How much time do you dedicate to Facebook every week?

How long is a piece of string right? I bet most of you just thought “About 10 minutes?” or “Not much”. We understand you spend all day looking after patients or struggling to do the million things a start up allied health professional has to do, but remember this key fact – you can have a great service or product, but if no one knows about it what’s the point?


Ok, so we’ve had some time to reflect. What do you reckon, are you looking after your social media properly? If you said yes, give yourself a good old slap on the back. If you said no, maybe drop us a line and we can have a chat on how we can help you achieve exactly what you want.