Smart Businesses Respond To Facebook Comments
Facebook comments

Smart Businesses Respond To Facebook Comments

Are you guilty of not taking notice of comments on your Facebook page? Good or bad, make the time to respond and you could reap the benefits!

Does the thought of responding to Facebook comments horrify you? Do you have nightmares about carefully drafting responses and clicking the return button too soon.

Some businesses avoid social media altogether due to this fear. As a social media agency, we understand why businesses are hesitant to respond. They don’t want to make the problem worse, more importantly, they don’t want to look stupid in front of their clients, peers and referral sources.

Here’s why smart business owners respond to Facebook comments:

Facebook fans are an integral part of your online community. Loyal Facebook fans expect responses to their comments (good or bad). Failing to write back (or turning off the commenting section altogether) is like getting a birthday gift and not saying thank you. In fact, most of your friends would think you were incredibly rude and self centered.

Responding to your fans demonstrates your thoughtfulness.

Some business owners cringe after reading negative posts on their Facebook page. Social media savvy business owners know the value of “negative” posts.

Publicly displayed complaints are worth their weight in gold.

They give business owners the chance to demonstrate their compassion for their customers. Take a look at how big brands respond to negative comments on Facebook. Most often, they thank their fan for reaching out, confirm the issue, and work on a resolution. The final details are usually discussed via private Facebook messages.

Satisfied Facebook Fans become your strongest brand advocates. Statistics confirm it!

Respond to negative comments lightning fast and never delete them (unless it’s spam or a troll). Quickly responding demonstrates clear company communication and client commitment. On the other hand, waiting a week to reply makes customers feel unappreciated. Most companies respond within one day. If responding quickly isn’t an option, consider hiring a social media company to respond on your behalf.

Hired Facebook Page managers monitor your Facebook Page at 24/7 just like your home alarm system. Negative comments are dealt with immediately.

Hired social media agencies need to become familiar with your company’s products, services, vision and messaging tone. Clear communication between agency and client is vital.

Facebook comments demonstrate your brand’s online community.

Don’t ever lose sleep over a negative comment. Instead, treat them like opportunities to show you care. If you’re busy running your business, hire a company to respond on your behalf. It’s that easy!


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