Dietitians, it’s time to get personal with marketing efforts

Dietitians, it’s time to get personal with marketing efforts

Having spent the last few months working with a fantastic group of dietitians and nutritionists there has been one common theme – passion. Passion for the job, passion for the clients and also, passion for the food.

Allied health professionals in general feel so strongly about the roles, but dietitians take this to a new level. I tend to put this down to one thing: food and our emotional attachment to it.

You only have to flick on the TV to see some show, advert, news item on food. Food brings people together. Our social and family lives all revolve around what is on our dinner plate.

Food can also create the opposite, pain and anguish. As I read another article on obesity, we can all understand that weight, and its rapidly increasing statistics, can also break people.

More food = more weight = more confidence and health issues.

This brings me to my point – when it comes to marketing, dietitians you need to have a personal touch!

What I mean is this:

  • Share a little extra about yourself
  • Tell them your story and why you are who you are
  • Explain why you love working with food
  • Be empathetic about food and how it can cause issues
  • Reassure that you understand and that you can help
  • Show pictures of you and what you eat
  • Share recipes and why you think they rock


I  encourage all allied health professionals to make sure there is a personal element to all their marketing efforts, but I suggest this even more to dietitians.

Food is such an emotional topic – in some cases good, in some cases bad. Make sure you position yourself as not only the expert, but also as the caring, supportive friend who can guide a potential client through.

What I would suggest is ask a friend or mentor – do you know who I am through my marketing and brand?

What you want to work out is – is YOUR passion for helping people overcome their food issues coming through strongly enough?

You hear everyday that you need to be an expert, a leader in your field, explain your services, etc but take a step back and think about the client. What do they think of you? Makes you think doesn’t it?

Share stories, share pictures, share you – don’t be the faceless expert, be the mate who knows best.

Not sure if you heading down the right track? Flick me an email, I’m always happy to have a chat!