Five tips for creating quality allied health web content

Five tips for creating quality allied health web content

Blogs are such an effective way to improve your SEO and to build your brand and overall trust. Have you even started your blog yet? Here’s our tips to creating quality, lasting, content for allied health professionals.

1. Create Original Content


Have you got a particular passion about an area of health? Give us your views on this and try not to copy others. Clients want to see you as the expert in your area so provide your views and research. Are you a physio – how do you treat your patients who suffer with bad backs? Are you an exercise physiologist – have you seen a client with great results that you can share? Are you a speech pathologist – what about your ideas on the latest research studies?

As mentioned, original content goes a long way with Google and your visitors. Copying other people’s content will result in a punishment from Google, which can crush your bottom line.

Remember – keep it fresh, fun and new!


2. Make your title stand out! 


We all know we spend so much time surfing the internet that patience is not a virtue. Create a headline that catches attention straight away! 80% of people will read your headline, but only a few will go on to actually read the article.

How my client went from suffering everyday to living life to the full!

My hot tips for getting rid of that winter fat

Do you suffer from osteoporosis – here are my ways to help. 

If people are looking at your services, they need help – LET THEM KNOW YOU CAN HELP!


3. Provide information that can be used and shared


Clients want to learn, develop and build their knowledge in certain areas. Always provide hints and tips on how they can better their life.

As we explained before, make content interesting – this includes “go to actions” that they can apply to their own lives or those of their friends and family


4. Call to action


Please, please, please don’t forget to include a call to action…

– “Call us for advice”

– “Join our free information session”

– “Interested in hearing about our programs and prices, email us now”

The amount of blogs that either, a) do not have a call to action b) link to a wrong or outdated page, we see is crazy! It’s that little bit of attention to detail and taking them time to cover all these points that will help create a blog that keeps giving.


5. Images and videos


There is NO excuse to not add engaging images or videos to your blog post. With millions of images at your fingers tips thanks to Google, adding an image to your website should be easy.

Images and videos grab attention, remember what we said about headlines? Same goes for images, they make people take notice. Another great reason to include images is that they can be shared – you never know who might like you image and follow the link.

We always say personal images are better – get on instragram and get creative – you will only reap the benefits! Running, walking, working with clients, success stories, practice staff, events….even your dog or kids are great to include. The more personal it is, the more clients will engage.

Want more hints and tips – drop us an email – we’d love to help out!