Physios – Stop Fixing People and Start Fixing You

Physios – Stop Fixing People and Start Fixing You

Business owners in all forms can become stale. I’ve been there. You’re so busy working on what you need to do that the spark may fade or you are simply just too busy.

I see this a lot with physios, it’s about client after client, transaction after transaction. Sure, this is great for cash flow but there will come a time when your spark dims and it all gets a bit too hard.

This is when I always say it’s time to sit back, re-assess and try and work out new ways to develop yourself and your business. Being comfortable is a dangerous thing in business, there are always potential new competitors, technology and even societal shifts. Comfort implies staying in the same ole same ole and is that really what you want?

What do you do to challenge yourself and keep your business on point? Not sure? Here’s a couple of tips for you!


Three Key Ways Physios Can Fix Themselves and Their Business


Keep and eye on competitors


Do you have a competitor who works in the same area and servicing similar clients? Do you ever keep an eye on what they are up to? Please do so!

This does not mean you need to copy what they are doing, quite the opposite. What we are saying is, if they are starting to change their marketing strategies and having success with this, it may be time to analyse what you are up to.

  • Is the competition re-branding? Who are they wanting to target?
  • Have they added any news features to their website?
  • Are they getting out and about in the community?
  • Have they partnered with any community groups?
  • Have they stepped up their advertising?
  • Have they hired any new staff with specific skills?
  • What is their email marketing like?

Ignore the rivals at your peril – you never want to be behind the eight-ball when it comes to business. Check out these great tips from on how to analyse your competitors.


Understand the changing marketplace


We are big believers in understanding your target audience (and have provided you with the tools to work on this) but that does not mean you analyse once and then set and forget.

Our lives are constantly evolving and changing – think of your clients as a reflection of you. We move house, we marry, we have kids, we get too old for sport, we develop new heath issues, we take up new hobbies etc.

What is your target market up to? How are they developing and what will they need from you now and in the future?

Every six months it’s time to re-evaluate your clients and most importantly, your potential clients. Use this analysis to ensure you are 100% servicing the needs of your current clients and their concerns whilst also seeking out new opportunities to engage different parts of the marketplace.

Things to look out for maybe:

  • New sports teams or activities (e.g. fun runs, sports days etc)
  • New community events (e.g. markets, community groups etc)
  • Increase in a certain demographic that is new to your location
  • New business partnership opportunities


Empower yourself


Another key area that we always support is constantly empower yourself through knowledge.

Do you take the time to do professional development outside of your association requirements? Too often I hear of physios doing the courses they are required to do rather than undertaking new education that focuses on themselves and their business.

If you are time poor or don’t want to spend big dollars there are literally thousands of online courses that can give you the tools to help develop your business acumen.

Would you know how to undertake Facebook advertising? Are your writing skills helping your business? Are you managing staff properly and getting them to be advocates for your business? Do you understand the money side of things? There are so many subjects that you can focus on that will help in the long term.


So after reading all of this – it’s time to ask yourself – what will you do today that will help develop yourself as a physio, business owner and a person?