Podiatry and Marketing – stop shooting yourself in the foot!

Podiatry and Marketing – stop shooting yourself in the foot!

Let’s face it – feet are not sexy. Podiatrists, I don’t envy your position. When it comes to feet, unless people have a major issue, they do not usually seek out your help and even then they rely on referrals for their GPs.

So the question is, what are you doing to stand out from the crowd and encourage people to focus on foot health?


How do we make podiatry sexy and raise your profile?


Network – connect with your community


I truly believe that most allied health professionals are guilty of hiding behind their business and practice – so it’s time to get out and about.

When I say network, I mean get involved in the community.

Nothing makes you more successful than you being recognised by potential clients and being known by the neighbourhood.

How can you get involved with the community you say?

Well think about all those who will be using their feet A LOT! Perhaps it’s joining up with a sports team? Volunteering at a charity walk? Being involved in a school sports day? Contacting community groups and offering free foot checks? Let’s try ANYTHING that will get your face and your services in front of actual people.


Provide valuable content to those who need it most


Most embarrassing conditions are usually the most ‘googled’ subjects in the world. As we explained before, having foot problems can be embarrassing – so what are you doing to capture your own piece of this information gathering pie?

If someone searches for ‘fungal toe problem’ – what could you offer them? Yes, yes, we know you have the skills and university degree – but what can you tell them right now that may help that person?

Perhaps you can produce a fact sheet on how to choose the right shoe? Or a ‘how to help your fungal foot problem’ guide? Maybe an ebook on how atheletes can best look after their feet?

The more you can offer someone free, useful information – the more you can potentially have them sign up to your services. Remember, building trust can take time!


Seek out niche target markets and specialise


As a podiatrist, do you think you are trying to service too many markets? Have you thought about narrowing your specialisation? If you haven’t, could this be a potential new business opportunity for you?

Children, corporate health, specific sports etc. There are so many niche opportunities to create your brand around your podiatry services and make you the one voice people should listen to.

Just ask yourself – is there a niche group of people that you feel you could truly help and are there multiple opportunities within that area? Yes? Then start targeting them ASAP!



So podiatrists, what are you going to do to start maximising your marketing efforts and get your podiatry clinic flying?

With so many opportunities out there to be taken, it’s time to start thinking outside the box and making feet…sexy! If you’re stuck, get in touch and let’s get some ideas created together.