Are you marking to your client list effectively? How to keep in touch.
Client mailing list

Are you marketing to your client list effectively?

Your client list is one of the most important weapons you have in your arsenal – nurturing this should be a must do action for allied health professionals.

Essentially what we are saying is – how often do you communicate effectively with your clients via email?

If you respond to this with, not much, you could be missing a vital source of future income.


So are you marketing to your client list effectively? Here are some key questions to ask yourself right now:


Is your client list up to date and in one spot?

We have worked with clients who have had 37 different lists from various classes, offers and financial years. It was a hot mess and made it impossible to deal with, it took hours to tidy this up and collate one central database but boy was it worth it.

One list that you can track and report is vital to any business and will provide you with an ongoing source of potential clients in the long term.

Of course you may have dedicated lists for unique messaging, but for this instance we are looking at your generic client list.

Do you have an effective email marketing program?

Is your email marketing and/or client relationship management (CRM) program the right one for you?

We hear too often of small clinics spending thousands on fancy software that has all the bells and whistles – yet in our opinion if you are a small to medium sized business there is nothing wrong with an off the shelf option. Mailchimp, Aweber, Zoho, Campaigner, Hubspot – the choices are many, and they offer all you need.

Do you effectively use the reporting functions on your email marketing program?

The power of reporting cannot be ignored and they say, the stats don’t lie.

Insight into what your email recipients click on, what time they open the email, what format they read it on (mobile or desktop) can all help you shape and craft your messages to suit your audience and make it a more powerful tool.

Do you have a schedule and stick to it (religiously)?

There is absolutely no point in having a client email list and an emailing program and not actually using it! Choose dates that you work towards, plan what you are going to say and ACTUALLY follow through with it – it’s as simple as that.

Grab a pen and paper right now, set those dates, plan your topics and work towards this (religiously).

Are you providing value in what you say?

Yes we can fill our emails with special offers and news on how amazing we are (within the rules of course) but, what incentive are you giving your clients to actually give up their time and open and read what you have to say?

During your planning have you identified what your client might want to read and offered up your expertise to help fill this gap? Food for thought for you.

Are you being authentic?

Refer to our blog on authenticity, clients can see right through a fake persona. You are your best asset, clients trust you and your experience with their life.

Be genuine in what you say and how you say it and over time you will build a close relationship with those clients.


To conclude:

We could spend hours talking about email marketing and how effective it can be but for now, we just want to make sure you understand the basics and are getting the most out of a very important list of people. If you need any help developing your email marketing strategy – give us a call today.