Authenticity in Allied Health Businesses - What can you do to improve?
Authenticity in allied health

Authenticity for Allied Health Marketing

Authenticity is in short demand these days, yet it is something that so many clients crave. Trust is elusive but once gained can be such a powerful marketing tool for any allied health business.

We live in a world where we are bombarded with 1000 statements each day scattered across our smartphones, TVs, radios and a billboards on our way to work.

Who can we actually trust?

Neil Patel makes a great statement:

“The more virtual our lives get, the more we hunger after something genuine. What people really want now is not just a product or a service, it’s an experience. An experience that is more honest and transparent …more authentic – and businesses are going to have to keep up with growing consumer authority and give people what they want if they want to survive.”

Adding to this sentiment, according to Geoff Beattie, Cohn Global Practice Leader of Corporate Affairs, explains that when people think of authentic companies, they think of:

“A brand that has values and morals and stands by them no matter what while honestly divulging its practices (flaws and all). In fact, the thing people most wanted was open and honest communications about products and services. And that finding was consistent around the world.”

These may be global leaders we have cited above, but now ask yourself – do these statements ring true with you? If you looked at your business and services, how much would you rate yourself on a  scale of authenticity?

If you are on the lower number, let’s look at a couple of quick tips to get you on the right track.

How do we build trust and authenticity in our allied health businesses?


Find Your Own Voice

Please, for the love of all things good – do not copy others.

There are many out there who have the ‘WINNING FORMULA’, giving you ‘STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO CREATING THE ULTIMATE SALES FUNNEL’! (Yes, please use your outside voice when reading this.)

How many of these sales people reflect who you are as a person? It may work for some, but never underestimate the intelligence of your customers, they know when you are taking them for a ride and some will not respond well to “50% OFF YOUR NEXT VISIT!”

Communicate with your own voice and personality, and show the clients you care.

Give Back

In an age of take, take, take – we find it works well to give back to those who support you and you will find that your business will reap the rewards.

Can you partner with a local community group to provide free services or health checks? Can you start a subsidised class for those on smaller income? How can you generally give back?

Being charitable shows you care, and the more you care = more realness and authenticity.

Share Your Knowledge

Your clients trust you with their health and you need to position yourself as the expert, and what better way to do this then by sharing your knowledge?

By giving people insights into how they can live happier and healthier lives, you are providing free expert value and building the trust between you.

This could be in the form of blogs, ebooks or even a community seminar – the opportunities are only limited by your time and imagination!

Communicate Regularly

One key issue a lot of allied health businesses face is consistency. We understand that you are busy and running a small practice can take up all your time and energy – but here’s the big question – if you only heard from someone once every six months does that help you build trust with them? Easy answer, no.

Plan your communication activities and schedule in a time to connect with those who keep your business going.

If you don’t have the time – outsource this. (Shameless plus – we can help this side of things, click here for our digital package)


Authenticity takes time, effort and a big dose of your own personality and vision – harness these effectively and you have a winning formula! Time to start analysing your own business.

In the meantime, check out these great examples of companies who have nailed authenticity and are reaping the rewards.