I have a meeting with a GP - How do I market to them effectively?
GP Marketing

I have a meeting with a GP – How do I market to them effectively?

One of the most important action items for any Allied Health practitioner no matter your expertise is creating the right relationship with your local GP.

If you want the right referrals, you have to nail this initial meeting on the head. We get a lot of questions from confused practitioners asking as ‘what they should do and what they should take’ when they see their GP for the first time. We’ve made a list of the simple things to get you on your way!


Number one – Marketing Material

Make sure you have a range of different marketing material that you can hand over as an easy-to-use pack.

What should this include? We always advise as a bare minimum take along brochures about your business, information about your general services and perhaps a bio of yourself and your staff.

You want to make sure it’s easy to reference material that any GP can look out and instantly think of you. Keep your marketing clear, keep the images good looking and make sure to have your contact details all over these.


Number two – Case Studies

Case studies are a powerful way of showing your GP the great difference you can make!

GPs want to have the trust that they are referring their patients on to the right people, so you should provide some examples from your work that can help ease their mind. Remember to include the initial consultation and issues, the process you followed and the outcome you achieved.

We would also suggest doing some research into your local area – have a look at the demographic and tailor your case studies to suit the potential patients your GP is already consulting with.


Number three – Administration

It’s a good idea to discuss with the GP the inner workings of a typical referral process, as well as showing how you will communicate with them in the future.

Take along examples of how you work and how you will cooperate with other allied health and the GP in the future to ensure the very best clinical outcomes for the patient. Could you perhaps take along some case notes but make sure you de-identify the patients?

Our key note here – good clinical note taking is essential!


Number four – A Treat

If you have booked in a morning tea or a lunchtime set session very much encourage you to take along something to eat.

Doctors are taking time out of their very busy schedules, and sometimes giving up their lunch break to see you – so treat them nicely! Did you know that some pharmaceutical reps will call up and take orders and dietary requirements for every single staff member before they attend?

We’re not saying you have to go to these lengths, but remember it’s always nice to take something with you. Just a suggestion – as you are working Allied Health, stick to something healthy and nutritious?


Number five – Keeping the Love Alive

Keep the relationship active should be a priority.

Always keep this thought at the back of your mind, there are hundreds of businesses out there who are also vying for referrals, don’t be guilty of making initial contact then ignoring the relationship. Take note,¬† you will be left behind.

Make sure you book in regular meetups with your GP clinic and perhaps take along some new case studies as a fresh reminder of the great work you do.

Front of mind is never a bad thing!


Let’s Sum Up

So there’s a simple list of a few things that you can take to your next GP meeting.

Remember GPs are on your side and they want to make a difference in their patients’ lives, and they are always keen to create relationships that are for the benefit of everyone.

Make your plan, sort out your networking skills – and get out there!