5 Things ALL Allied Health Businesses must have on their Website

5 Things ALL Allied Health Businesses must have on their Website

Let’s face it, we work with the lot of different allied health businesses and so we come across the most common website mistakes everyone seems to make.


We can talk about website  architecture, SEO, Google Analytics and all those fancy kinds of things but let’s get down to the bare minimum that every website needs.


5 Things ALL Allied Health Businesses must have on their Website


Contact Form

If you don’t have an area for potential clients to actually contact –  you how are you going to get more business? All you need is a simple contact form, and that’s really not hard to do if you work on a WordPress website. There are multiple different plugins that you can access and all of them have an easy to use instruction, so there’s really no excuse!

You also need to make sure the contact form or contact button is on your front page. You must also have a “Contact Us” page with your full details. One final note on this, please make sure your forms provide you with notifications when you have a new lead – you will be surprised at the amount of people who do not have the settings set correctly!



Great Imagery

Good images are an absolute must. So many websites these days have those really boring stock images of very white teeth and ridiculously green apples – why? Nowadays images of people with sparkles coming from their teeth seriously don’t cut it.

A simple fix? Get in touch with a local photographer and pay for a session to look after all your photography needs. Good ones don’t cost too much and the outcome of their work is worth every penny. You working an industry where you are your brand and everything you do is based on trust.

Our best tip: When you hire a photographers, pre-prepare a list of everything that you need an image of. Our advice is to include images of yourself, all staff, the clinic and it’s location – also consider some images of clients. Feel free to have a photo shoot outside as well, staff looking happy and active in a park or beachside location are amazing.

Remember, clients are more likely to trust you if they can put a face to a name!


List of Services

So many websites do not have a comprehensive list of services, classes and offerings.

Clients are visiting your website for information – so give it to them! From group classes to specific programs tailored to chronic conditions – list it all! Also please remember to continually make sure this list is up-to-date, as there really is nothing worse than incorrect information.


Email Capture Method

Consider an alternative method to capture potential leads outside of your usual ‘contact form’.


  • Consider a popup form that offers users to join a mailing list?
  • Competitions which encourage potential clients to pass on their contact details?
  • A free content offering such as an eBook or and simple advice fact sheet?


The more contacts you have, the better!


A blog or news section

Yes we know that writing is time-consuming and really not on your list of important things to do, but without this it’s like you’ve built a house but have forgotten to actually buy some furniture.

If you’re going to invite people into your house you want them to have a good time don’t you? Website visitors want to know all about you and understand how you can help their overall health – so give them content and information.

On the flipside, not only is a blog section important for building your brand and trust with your clients, it’s also the most important thing you can do to improve your Google rankings and SEO.

Google and other search engines will not reward people who have a house with no furniture!



This might seem like five easy items but uses as a checklist to go over your own website.

You would be surprised how many people can’t stay there at their achieving everything. Some of the things do you take time and effort but remember in the long run this is how you build and nurture your business overtime.