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Top 3 Health Marketing Trends for 2023


As one of the fastest-growing and leading industries, healthcare and fitness brands need to ensure they have a solid marketing plan to stand out from the crowd! To help, we have outlined 3 top health marketing trends you can implement today.



With the proliferation of wearables and other digital health tools, companies in the health industry are now able to gather a wealth of data about their customers’ health and wellness. This allows for the creation of highly personalised marketing campaigns targeted at specific individuals based on their unique health needs and goals. You can also use wearables and online tele-health platforms like physitrack and VALD to keep your clients engaged between visits.

Consumer education


In today’s health industry, consumers are increasingly seeking out information and education on how to maintain their health and prevent illness. As such, health businesses that focus on educating their audience through marketing efforts (e.g. blog posts, newsletters, social media content) are likely to see strong engagement and customer loyalty.

Partnerships and collaborations


In the health industry, partnering with trusted organisations and influencers can be an effective way to reach new audiences and establish credibility. Companies that seek out partnerships and collaborations with complementary organisations (e.g. gyms, nutritionists, healthcare providers) can leverage these relationships to create mutually beneficial marketing campaigns. For example writing a guest social media post or blog for a partner business can increase your exposure to their audience and build trust in your brand.


One of the best pieces of advice we have for your health business marketing is to keep consistent – get to know your audience and put relevant and useful information in front of them.


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