Allied Marketing Partners with QuantCare

Allied Marketing Partners with QuantCare to Revolutionise Patient Experience

In a significant stride towards enhancing healthcare marketing strategies, renowned Healthcare Marketing Agency Allied Marketing, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with QuantCare, an emerging leader in healthcare data analytics. This collaboration aims to leverage cutting-edge, integrated data analytics to transform patient experiences, enable data-driven decisions, and accurately measure marketing campaign success.

With this partnership, Allied Marketing underscores its commitment to innovation and its dedication to improving healthcare outcomes. By integrating QuantCare’s advanced data analytics capabilities, Allied Marketing will enhance its ability to analyse patient feedback and behaviour, leading to more personalised and effective interactions, both in the clinic and online. 

Transforming Patient Experience:
By harnessing the power of data, the partnership will focus on identifying key patient touchpoints and improving them through targeted marketing strategies. This will not only enhance patient satisfaction but also increase engagement and loyalty.

Data Driven Decisions:
QuantCare’s state-of-the-art digital platform will enable Allied Marketing to utilise data in ways previously not possible. From predictive analytics to machine learning models, the partnership will explore innovative approaches to use de-identified data for crafting compelling marketing narratives that resonate with patients on a personal level.

Measuring Campaign Success:
A crucial aspect of this collaboration is the development of robust metrics to gauge the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Through advanced data analytics, Allied Marketing will now be able to deliver quantifiable outcomes, demonstrating the tangible benefits of their marketing efforts on patient care and satisfaction.

“We are beyond excited to officially partner with QuantCare. This partnership will not only enhance our capabilities but also ensure that our marketing strategies are as effective and patient-centred as possible,” said Chris McCarroll, CEO of Allied Marketing. “With QuantCare’s expertise, we are setting new standards in healthcare marketing.”

Some common questions we will be able to start answering using QuantCare data insights are: 

  • Why is one of my clinics performing better than others, and what should I do about it? 
  • Who are most likely to be referrers and promote our business? 
  • What is the ROI on my referral sources? 
  • How should I optimise my practitioner utilisation to drive more value outside of patient consultations? 
  • Where should I open my next clinic?  

QuantCare currently integrates with Cliniko, with further practice management integrations planned in the near future. 

“QuantCare is stoked to be working alongside Allied Marketing to deliver value to allied health clients and enhance the patient experience. We are confident that our data insights combined with Allied Marketing’s deep knowledge of healthcare marketing will take our clients’ patient engagement and acquisition efforts to new heights”, said Dr Rav Fernando, CEO of QuantCare. 

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