About - Allied Health Marketing
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About our crew


If you are running a business looking for growth through marketing and digital strategy, we could be the perfect partner for you. A good marketing partner can help you drive results from every marketing activity you undertake. If you are already making an investment in marketing or plan to make an investment, our goal is to help you maximise the return.

Managing Director

Chris McCarroll

Chris launched AHM in 2015 to give health professionals a creative and marketing edge. His passion is working hands on with business owners and getting to know what drives them.

Marketing Manager

Amanda Lu

Amanda loves to design the full brand experience. Her super power is making sure your messaging is reaching the right audience.

Social Media Coordinator

Alex Slaughter-Young

Alex is our resident social media guru. Alex scours the web for great brand activations, trends and opportunities for our amazing clients. 

Communications Manager

Raylee Huggett

Raylee is a Media and Communications expert with over 20 years experience in the sector. Her ability to find an angle and bring a story to life is remarkable.