Contact - Allied Health Marketing
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How we work:

We face a lot of different questions, and have dealt with A LOT of different marketing challenges.


We have worked with:

  • Health food businesses
  • Large scale multidisciplinary practices
  • Online health providers
  • Health influencers
  • Professional development providers
  • Your complete fresh new sole trader with a staff of one….

What the process usually looks like:

  1. You send us your question about a particular service we provide or feel free to send a general question about your business.
  2. Chris McCarroll will be in touch with you directly.
  3. We chat about your needs, struggles or your specific project.
  4. We provide packages but of course we can adapt to suit your needs and budget.
  5. If you like what we offer, we sign you up and we get started ASAP. We pride ourselves on our personal service and communication – so we will work with you throughout the entire project.
  6. If you think we are not what you need, we say goodbye and send you any cool freebies we have along the way.

To get started, complete this form:

If you’d like to contact us in person:

Chris McCarroll 
Phone: 0434 261 468

Brisbane based, but we also work out of Melbourne and Sydney.