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Case Study One 

A podiatry clinic based in Queensland. We have worked closely with this company to help build their brand and in turn increase their lead/client return. Our main role includes:

  • Revamp of brand – Graphic design work and brand development
  • Social media management – Integrated their social media channels into Allied Health Marketing’s control program to help with reporting. We create a mix of social media posts daily to help with engagement with their client base, promote new product and general foot health support.
  • E-newsletter – We create, design, manage and deliver their monthly newsletter – average open rate sits at 31% (above market average).
  • Ecommerce – Currently developing an ecommerce website to on sell foot health products.
  • Google Adwords – We manage their Google Adwords with a spend of $500 a month resulting in 5-10 new clients (bookings per week).


5-10 new client bookings per week.


Client 2 is a multidisciplinary clinic based in Sydney’s western suburbs. We have been with this practice for over three years and have helped develop and maintain all their marketing needs. Key activities included:

  • Design – Full clinic rebrand and shop front signage.
  • Social media – We control their social media and provide daily updates to suit their unique demographic.
  • Print management – We create, design and print their internal newsletter for clients.
  • This clinic gained much success over the last three years resulting in a successful practice sale to a new owner, who is keeping us on board for the next stage of scale and growth.


Client 3 is a psychology and general allied health clinic in South Australia, we were brought on board from day one and had a three year long relationship until the business was sold. Our key activities included:

  • Website – Full website development and maintenance.
  • SEO – Ensured the website was SEO optimised to help with Google Rankings.
  • Google Adwords – We manage their Google Adwords with a spend of $500 a month resulting in multiple leads.
  • The business was sold as the owner successfully completed their exit strategy and wished to move on to purely psychology based work.